A Picture Book For Our Universe

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Explore the mystery of how our universe really works and discover the pendulum relationship between Gravity and the Speed of Light...

   Like many curious minds throughout history, I too have become fascinated with the Speed of Light. As a physical constant it is the fastest thing in our universe and the basis to which space and time are woven together. My research led me to believe that our scientific community does not accurately define the value for standard gravity on Earth, and by using a pendulum approach "g" should instead be defined as π^2 m/s^2 (a transcendent value of roughly 9.8 meters per second squared, which is strikingly close to the current accepted value). As a result, making this change would impact universal constant values for the Gravitational Constant, Planck’s Constant, and the Speed of Light Constant. While I am NOT a scientist, over the years I have become passionate in understanding the significance of Light, and this short book is my attempt at uncovering the mysteries of our universe. Pease feel free to contact me with any insight or feedback and I hope you enjoy!


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