Hello and welcome to my website for music and creative projects. 

Making music has been a way of expressing myself to the world, and it's been a driving force throughout my life. I grew up in Clinton, NY playing guitar at high school parties, campfires, and on the village streets. My first love of basketball led me to Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, and during those years music had to take a backseat. After graduating I started a band with some friends called Stereo Drive-By, and we performed at bars and clubs throughout the city. A few years later we decided to focus on other careers, and soon I met a girl with her eyes set on California. Together we continued pursuing our artistic passions out west, and since then we've moved back to the east coast, we got married, we have a dog, and now a baby boy.


Infinite Lion is my third solo album following the release of Seven (2017) and Kong (2014). I have also released music with Stereo Drive-By and PJ Marclar, and I've written and illustrated A Picture Book For Our Universe (2017), a short science book exploring the mystery of how our universe truly works.

The coincidences were pretty crazy for my wife and I as we welcomed our son into the world on 8/8/18, a leo born on "infinity day." The number 8 happens to be her favorite number, because 1+4+3 (I LOVE YOU) = 8. For me, this idea of infinity (∞ is the "lazy eight") has a spiritual significance, and the best way I can describe it is by making the music on this album with my heart and soul. I knew that I wanted my next project to symbolize the passion of a lion, but it all seemed to come together once I learned what fatherhood is all about...