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   Mack Spellman is an enthusiastic and hardworking real estate professional, dedicated to serving buyers and sellers throughout Massachusetts. After receiving his degree in management and economics from Emmanuel College, he pursued a career in healthcare supply distribution negotiating multi-million dollar service agreements. He and his wife Carolyn moved to Scituate to raise their son by the ocean, along with their pomeranian named Presley. Mack enjoys basketball, golf, astronomy, and playing guitar.


Emmanuel College (2005-2009), Boston MA

Bachelor's Degree - Management, Economics

Clinton High School (2001-2005), Clinton NY

Honors & Awards

Emmanuel College Senior Leadership Award 

Clinton High School Hall of Fame

Multi-Million Dollar Producer

  • We pride ourselves on strong values of integrity, serving as members of our community, and providing our clients with the highest level of customer service.

  • You will receive all the benefits and support of Coldwell Banker Realty as the leading brokerage in Massachusetts, as well as the unmatched professional dedication of The Spellman Team.

  • We understand efficient and useful data, marketing strategies that work, and the many important factors in order to sell your home for its highest value. 

  • We are constantly networking for opportunities to help our buyers find exactly what they are looking for, and to succeed in today’s marketplace. 

  • From exploring day one until the final move, we are committed to understanding your individual needs and making your experience enjoyable!

My name is Mack Spellman, and I'm a realtor serving Massachusetts. My wife and I moved to the South Shore to raise our son by the ocean, and prior to which we lived in the Natick area. I have a deep love for the city of Boston. Having attended and played basketball at Emmanuel College, I lived throughout Allston, Mission Hill, and the North End. After graduating I worked selling medical supplies, and also played guitar in a band in many of the downtown bars. In my time as a realtor I've helped a number of buyers and sellers overcome challenges in order accomplish their real estate goals, and I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise in order to help others.

Relocating: Are you planning to move to a new community or out-of-state? Getting your home ready for sale may feel like an overwhelming task, from organizing your belongings to making improvements that will increase your home's value. I've helped clients sell their Massachusetts home even while they were in Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and elsewhere! As your partner I'm here to provide you with a knowledgeable understanding of the marketplace, and provide strategies in order to attract the highest offers possible on your property. I can suggest movers, junk removal, and other services that will make your selling experience as easy as possible, and I'd also be happy to bring in a professional cleaning service before our first open house. If you need to be out-of-town I can routinely update you using FaceTime or Zoom, making sure everything is taken care of towards selling your home for it's maximum value. 

Downsizing: Are you ready to find a smaller more desirable home? Moving from a home that you've lived in for years can be an emotional process. The memories you've made and the times you've shared can feel hard to let go of, holding you back from making the change you want in your life. Perhaps the kids have left the nest, or the maintenance of a large home has become unenjoyable, whatever the reason I'm here to guide you through the process so that you're ready to take on your next chapter. I've helped clients find their smaller dream home, and have assisted with providing movers, junk removal, lenders who can accommodate unique situations, and other services to make the transition as smooth as possible. You deserve to be happy, and I'm here to help your downsizing experience from start to finish.

Looking to Sell Quickly: Do you need to sell your home quickly? Life can be very complicated, and I bring zero judgement to serving my clients. If you're experiencing financial problems, medical issues, bankruptcy, or going through a divorce, this can be a very stressful period in your life. While I can't make these problems go away, I can serve to provide solutions through the sale of your home by making sure you are maximizing your home's value in a timeframe that works for you.

First-Time Home Buyers: Are you preparing to buy your first home? Wow, what an exciting time! As I know from experience, this can also be a very emotional and financially overwhelming time as well. If you're like me, you probably have a lot of questions about the process, the timeframe, and most of all you want to trust that you're doing things the right way and not being taken advantage of. You've undoubtedly worked hard to put yourself in a position to purchase a home, and rest assured that is something I take very seriously. I'm proud to have helped many clients purchase their first home, through which I provide an outline of the process, price suggestions backed by market data, introductions to lenders/attorneys/home inspectors/other service providers, and I will serve as your project manager available for questions 24/7 from day one until your closing. 

Upgrading: Are you in a position to find a home with more of your desired features? Is your family outgrowing your current home? Without the right game plan it can be difficult to search for your next home, while simultaneously preparing to sell. This can be made more challenging in times of high buyer competition, in that offers including a home-sale contingency are seen as less attractive. I've helped clients find off-market opportunities (homes not listed on the MLS or major real estate websites), that in turn can be more agreeable to timelines and flexibility. Having a partner who will hunt for exclusive opportunities allows you to focus more on your busy lives, and to enjoy the process of finding your next desirable home.

Find Your Dream HomeWhether it's searching for a luxury home of significant value, or simply the perfect home for this point in your life, I look forward to serving as your guide and helping you find your dream home. You will be equipped with advanced home search technology, high quality customer service, and someone who will hunt for opportunities and negotiate on your behalf. As an added benefit I will happily provide an appliance protection plan so that you can feel confident everything in your new home will work the way it should, otherwise it will be fixed/replaced at no cost to you.

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