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Buyer Clients will receive:

  • Real Estate Goals Consultation

  • Customized Market Report

  • Introduction to Mortgage Lenders 

  • Advanced Home Search Technology

  • Coordinated Open House & Private Showings

  • Offer Price & Contingency Recommendations 

  • Introduction to Home Inspectors

  • Introduction to Closing Attorneys

  • Contract Review & Recommendations 

  • Routine Progress Updates & Availability

  • Guidance & Assistance Through Final Closing

  • Welcome Home Package!

7 Steps to Buying a Home

Searching for the right home to buy can be an exciting, emotional, and financially overwhelming decision to make. Working with a trusted real estate professional can help you navigate search technologies, provide local knowledge of upcoming opportunities, and assist from touring properties to signing agreements. Typically in home sale transactions, the seller’s broker will pay the buyer’s broker a percentage of their sale commission, and with this in mind buyers themselves generally do not pay for services from their real estate professional. As your partner, our #1 focus is to provide the highest quality service to help you reach your real estate goals. There can be a lot to consider, and the best way of making progress is to take things step by step...

First, when do you want/need to be in your new home? 

In six weeks? Six months? Next year? Knowing when you need to move will help you prioritize some of your other demanding life responsibilities. 

Second, what's your budget? 

If you'll be getting a loan, now is the time to get pre-approved. If you have questions on finding the right mortgage lender I'd be happy to offer suggestions. 

Third, go see properties!

My team and I are available to schedule and coordinate showings, and we encourage you to attend open houses. We look forward to setting up as many showings as possible for our clients. When it's time to make an offer, I will be right here to guide and assist through the entire process. 

Fourth, make an offer...

If the home feels right don't wait! Our goal in representing buyers is to communicate market conditions, the likelihood of competition, and what we feel a particular property is worth. As partners we will advise on price as well as your options to include contingencies in your offer, such as home inspections, lender appraisals, or other areas that may be of concern regarding the home purchase. Sellers may choose to accept, decline, or make a counter to your offer, and as skilled negotiators we aim to put our clients in a position for success at all times. 

Fifth, your offer is accepted! ...Now what?

The sellers have accepted your offer, but before we celebrate there’s more work to be done. Scheduling a home inspection, signing a more formal contract called the Purchase & Sale agreement, and receiving the mortgage lender’s commitment are all areas that require due diligence and at times further negotiation. At this step you will want to choose a closing attorney who will provide legal guidance, perform a title search on the property, and prepare closing documentation. I'd be happy to recommend an attorney if you have any questions. 

Sixth, preparing for closing...

We've completed the home inspection, appraisal, title search, and have addressed all areas of concern. Your lender has provided final commitment stating you are clear to close. The seller has received a smoke alarm certification from the local fire department, along with a final water reading from the town. Closing documents have been prepared and we are all systems go for closing...

Seventh, welcome to your new Home!

We'll do a final walkthrough, and once all closing documents are signed with attorneys and funds are securely delivered, the new ownership will be posted to the local registry of deeds. With anticipation we await the final celebratory words..."We're on record!"

Congrats and enjoy your new home!

To contact Realtor Mack Spellman, please call 781-561-0087 

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