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Are you planning to Relocate, Downsize, or are you ready to find your Dream Home?


Mack Spellman, Realtor

Multi-Million Dollar Producer
(781) 923-0167

As you may be aware, this past year has been an exciting time in real estate. Here in Massachusetts we've seen home sale prices increase on average between 15-20%, and the average days homes are on market for has been cut nearly in half.

My name is Mack Spellman, and I'm a realtor serving Massachusetts. Through my experiences I've helped buyers and sellers overcome challenges in order accomplish their real estate goals, and I look forward to doing the same for you.

For those who have a home to sell, now is truly a great time, and I believe using the right real estate professional can make the difference of thousands of dollars in your pocket. For those who are looking to buy a home, I am constantly networking to find off-market opportunities that I'd be happy to discuss with you.

Call or Text 781-923-0167, or send me an email at

Find Your Dream HomeI look forward to serving as your guide and helping you find your dream home. You will be equipped with advanced home search technology, high quality customer service, and someone who will hunt for opportunities and negotiate on your behalf. As an added benefit I will happily provide an appliance protection plan so that you can feel confident everything in your new home will work the way it should, otherwise it will be fixed/replaced at no cost to you.

First-Time Home Buyers: Wow, what an exciting time! As I know from experience, this can also be a very emotional and financially overwhelming time as well. If you're like me, you probably have a lot of questions about the process, the timeframe, and most of all you want to trust that you're doing things the right way and not being taken advantage of. You've undoubtedly worked hard to put yourself in a position to purchase a home, and rest assured that is something I take very seriously. I'm proud to have helped many clients purchase their first home, through which I provide an outline of the process, price suggestions backed by market data, introductions to lenders/attorneys/home inspectors/other service providers, and I will serve as your project manager available for questions 24/7 from day one until your closing. 


Relocating: Getting your home ready for sale may feel like an overwhelming task, from organizing your belongings to making improvements that will increase your home's value. I've helped clients sell their Massachusetts home even while they were in Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and elsewhere! As your partner I'm here to provide you with a knowledgeable understanding of the marketplace, and provide strategies in order to attract the highest offers possible on your property. I can suggest movers, junk removal, and other services that will make your selling experience as easy as possible, and I'd also be happy to bring in a professional cleaning service before our first open house. If you need to be out-of-town I can routinely update you using FaceTime or Zoom, making sure everything is taken care of towards selling your home for it's maximum value. 

Downsizing: Moving from a home that you've lived in for years can be an emotional process. The memories you've made and the times you've shared can feel hard to let go of, holding you back from making the change you want in your life. Perhaps the kids have left the nest, or the maintenance of a large home has become unenjoyable, whatever the reason I'm here to guide you through the process so that you're ready to take on your next chapter. I've helped clients find their smaller dream home, and have assisted with providing home prep services, connecting with lenders who accommodate unique situations, and coordinating movers to make the transition as smooth as possible. You deserve to be happy, and I'm here to help your downsizing experience from start to finish.

Upgrading: Are you in a position to find a home with more of your desired features? Is your family outgrowing your current home? Without the right game plan it can be difficult to search for your next home, while simultaneously preparing to sell. This can be made even more challenging in times of high buyer competition, in that offers including a home-sale contingency are seen as less attractive. I've helped clients find off-market opportunities (homes not listed on the MLS or major real estate websites), that in turn can be more agreeable to timelines and flexibility. Having a partner who will hunt for exclusive opportunities allows you to focus more on your busy lives, and to enjoy the process of finding your next desirable home.

"Mack was a joy to work with - his responsiveness was so impressive and his care and honesty - so appreciated... We are so grateful for his help and highly recommend."

-Jean, Client

"We couldn't have been happier with the process...I can't recommend him enough."

-Winston, Client

"We would highly recommend Mack, he is very dedicated to his clients making the process as easy as possible. He was available at any time for us to ask questions, and we appreciated all his support..."

-Dianne, Client

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For my seller clients, I've put together a system to help maximize their home's value, selling faster, easier, and more strategically. Introducing...

The Premier Client Service

Brand New Kitchen

The Premier Client Service

Real Estate Goals Consultation

$200 value

In this first step we'll begin by having a conversation on your timeframe, your personal and financial goals, an overview of strategies, and set a target on-market date that we can shoot for. We'll also go over any suggested repairs or touch-ups that may help to improve your home's value. 

Customized Market Report

$300 value

Next, I'll put together a custom report specific to your home. We'll go over market trends in your area, similar homes that have recently sold nearby, and we'll look for competing homes that are currently active on market - the purpose of which will be to develop a confident understanding of your home's value, and discuss pricing strategies to maximize buyer demand. 

Professional Home Cleaning

$400 value

Once you begin organizing and preparing your home for market, as an added benefit I'd be happy to bring in a professional cleaning service to help give your home the sparkle and shine it deserves. 

Home Staging Guidance

$400 value

Buyers are drawn towards homes that feel spacious and low-maintenance, by using minimal furniture it will help to make rooms appear larger. We'll cover an overview of how to best arrange each room, and if you'd like to explore further staging options we can connect with local professionals. 

Photography, Drone Images, & 3D Tours

$500 value

Your home will truly stand out with the highest quality photography, drone imaging, and Matterport 3D virtual tours. 

Premier Marketing Campaigns

$1,200 value

Your home will be shown with detailed professional copywriting on hundreds of real estate websites, targeted social media ads, targeted mailings, print advertisements, TV, and more - creating demand swiftly and effectively with maximum exposure.

Professional Open Houses & Showings

Premium Service

Presenting your property to potential buyers is something my team and I take great pride in. Showcasing your home will be handled with professionalism, enthusiasm, and always with a smile.

Offer/Contract Review & Recommendations

Premium Service

My goal in representing sellers is to bring multiple strong offers to the table. I will communicate the terms of any offer received so that you have a full understanding, and will provide my professional guidance towards accepting, declining, or negotiating in order to improve the offer to your benefit. 

Introduction To Closing Attorneys

Premium Service

I work closely with trusted real estate attorneys who can further represent your interests by providing legal expertise in the form of contract agreement review, resolving title disputes, and coordinating closing documentation. 

Smoke Alarm Replacement & Certification

$500 value

Massachusetts law requires that when you sell or transfer a home you must have a certificate of compliance from your local fire department, showing that your smoke and CO alarms meet certain standards. I will provide a service to replace all outdated alarms free of charge, schedule the fire inspection, and receive certification needed for closing.

Routine Progress Updates

Premium Service

As we approach closing the final checklist includes scheduling any fuel readings for adjustments, a final water reading, and scheduling to end your utilities and services. If the buyer is using financing we will also be waiting on an appraisal report and confirming that the lender's commitment has been received. 

Closing & Final Delivery of Proceeds

Premium Service

We'll schedule a time with closing attorneys who will assist with final documentation, and making sure all funds are delivered safely and securely. Once the new ownership has been recorded at the registry of deeds you'll have officially sold your home! 

In addition, all new Premier Clients this month will receive a free $300 value for any junk removal!

When choosing an agent to work with, there are 4 things to look for: 

Experience (does he or she have a track record of getting the job done?)


Personality (do you feel comfortable with this person?)


Work Ethic (is this person going to go above and beyond for my benefit?)


Business Savvy (can this person negotiate?)

As your realtor you will receive my full Premier Client Service - I will advise on strategies, negotiate to put you in a position for success, and guide you from start to finish. In my experience I have spent hundreds of hours on a particular deal, and I will invest my own money to provide premium photography, virtual tours, cleaning services, smoke alarm replacements, marketing campaigns, and more as your partner throughout the buying or selling process.


There can be a number of things holding you back from making the change you want in your life, but by taking action today you will be one step closer towards achieving your goals and reaching your next chapter. I look forward to the opportunity of serving you, call or send me an email today to receive your free market report and schedule a time to discuss your goals!

Receive your FREE Market Report...

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