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Stereo Drive-By
_Seven_ by Mack Spellman
St. Patty's Day Acoustic Album - Stereo
Stereo Drive-By
Green Lights - PJ Marclar

Hello and welcome to my website for music and creative projects. My name is Keir McCormack Hutchinson Spellman, but most people just call me Mack. I'm a father, a husband, and the sight of the stars makes me dream. I've had the privilege of growing up in Upstate New York, going to college in Boston, moving to California with my future wife and then back to the east coast, but perhaps more appropriately Earth is where I call home. It's important to me that we do everything we can to leave our world in a better shape for the generations to come, and when my son gets old enough, I plan on telling him to squeeze every drop of magic he can out of life...

I grew up in the small town of Clinton, New York and bought my first guitar the summer before high school. One of my best friends Sean Bassett had been playing for a while and soon we were bringing our guitars to parties and campfire hangouts. Eventually we linked up with Jake Goldbas who played bass, and after a few jam sessions we decided we needed a drummer. We asked Dan Rodgers, a skilled percussionist in the school jazz orchestra, he said yes and all of a sudden we were a rock band. I had a funny dream that our band was named PJ Marclar, and when I told the guys they loved it. Jake in particular thought it was some kind of sign, so it stuck. We were 17 at the time and our friends loved us for just being a fun, goofy, oddball group. We decided to book a show at the local art gallery in town and our first gig was a blast! At one point we were wearing marching band uniforms to look like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and then of course by the end of the night we were all shirtless...

By the time we were seniors we knew we were all going different places for college. I was headed to Emmanuel College in Boston to play basketball, so music would be put on hold for awhile (basketball has always been my first love). But during the summers when we were back in town we landed a weekly gig on the sidewalk outside McHarris Gifts, playing for the Alteri's restaurant crowd and anyone who wanted to come down to the village and listen. Younger brother Sam Spellman jumped in as our new drummer, and after our third summer we decided to cut an album as a last hoorah. We released Green Lights in August of 2008, produced by our good friend Jarrod Geruntino in his parent's basement. 

In college is where I met Andy Crawford, and after jammin' guitars and hearing him play the drums I knew I wanted to start a band with him. With school coming to an end we were living together in a house off campus in Allston, and once we graduated we had more time to focus on the music. He was down to start a band and before long we had Tyler Cicia on bass, Alex Harris on keys, and Elaine Shields on violin. We were going back and forth on potential band names until one of our basketball teammates came up with the name Stereo Drive-By, we loved it, and now we just needed to book some gigs.

In that summer of 2009 we cut our teeth playing shows wherever we could, often to crowds no larger than ten people (...sometimes less). I had been writing a bunch of originals and knew that's what I wanted to do, but realized in order to get the attention of bigger audiences we needed an arsenal of sing-along cover songs. We had a chance to get into a recording studio and over the course of a few months we recorded our first self-titled album with producer Mike Davidson. "Home" would be the track that stood out, and may still be our best song to this day. 

As in a lot of bands, people come and go and get tied up with other commitments. It was around that time when Sean was looking for a new city, so I told him we'd love to have him in Stereo Drive-By. He learned 30 songs in two days to prep for an upcoming gig and it was great to reunite with my old PJM mate! The talented guitarist Brian Bigler joined the band and Sean agreed to slide over to bass. We were now using a variety of different violin players as needed, saxophonist Luke Gosselin became a regular member, and we were working Win Jones into the set as an MC. Things were picking up and we started booking Saturday night gigs at some of the best bars around Boston.

In the summer of 2012 we released a 4 track EP titled Paint It Red, featuring our single "Astronaut."  However, life was starting to get in the way. We each had jobs to pay the bills and the band was becoming more difficult to maintain. We lined up a mini-tour throughout New England and decided these would be our final shows. With nothin' to lose these shows were some of the best times we had, it was all about havin fun again. 

We all took some time off from music, and about a year later the itch came back for me to start playing again. I also happened to fall in love with a girl named Caro who had dreams of moving to California to be an actress. So I quit my job and decided to head out west with her. 

With a jeep packed to the brim we drove across country experiencing the great cities of Nashville, New Orleans, Austin and more, and when we reached the Pacific coast we settled into Hermosa Beach, CA with our dog Presley. I launched my solo career releasing kong in 2014 and it was back to pounding the pavement, but this time I didn't have a cool band to fall back on. I started playing as many open mic's as I could, networking to try and get song placements, and working as a bouncer at a live music club. Caro and I were embracing the grind and right away she landed some TV and commercial gigs, and I eventually started landing gigs including a few shows at the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd.  

But after a little over a year we were both missing our friends and family a lot. There's something to be said about chasing your dreams, but the crazy part is that you begin to realize all these other more important areas of life. So for us, we enjoyed the hell out of LA, we'll always miss it and it will always be a part of us, but home is back on the east coast. Since then Stereo Drive-By had the chance to reunite for a live recording that was released on St. Patrick's day in 2016, aptly named the Saint Patty's Day Live Album.

On May 27th, 2017 Caro and I got married just outside of Boston. It was truly an amazing day, and what made it even sweeter was a special performance from the boys of SDB. I had the honor of returning the favor a few months later when Sean and I performed at Andy and his wife Victoria's wedding, and shortly after that, Andy and I performed at my brother Sam and his wife Chelsea's wedding, all of which were joyous magical occasions. 

More recently I released my second solo album, titled Seven, which features a lot of the same songs from the Saint Patty's Day Live Album and a few others, recorded and produced by yours truly. I wanted to put out some music to compliment a science book I wrote and illustrated, called A Picture Book For Our Universe. I've always been fascinated by astronomy and physics, and in many ways this book is a spiritual quest towards understanding how our universe really works.


...and on 8.8.18 (infinity day), Caro gave birth to our son Arlo. 

I want to say thank you to my family, friends, and supporters for all the amazing memories. I look forward to more great times ahead so stay tuned!

Spread the love y'all,