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Are you planning to Relocate, Downsize, Buy Your First Home, or are you ready to Find Your Dream Home?!


Mack Spellman, Realtor

NAR, MAR, Multi-Million Dollar Producer
(781) 923-0167

Buying or Selling a home is a very important milestone, and I'm committed to providing strategies to support your goals, making sure you are always one step ahead...

My name is Mack Spellman, and I'm a realtor serving Massachusetts. My wife and I moved to the South Shore to raise our son by the ocean, and prior to which we lived in the Natick area. I have a deep love for city of Boston. I attended and played basketball at Emmanuel College, and after graduating I worked selling medical supplies while playing guitar in many of the downtown bars. In my time as a realtor I've helped a number of buyers and sellers overcome challenges in order accomplish their real estate goals, and I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise in order to help others.

Getting your home ready for sale may feel like an overwhelming task, from organizing your belongings to making improvements that will increase your home's value. As your partner I'm here to provide you with a knowledgeable understanding of the marketplace, and provide strategies in order to attract the highest offers possible on your property. I can suggest movers, junk removal, and other services that will make your selling experience as easy as possible, and I'd also be happy to bring in a professional cleaning service before our first open house.


I know from experience buying a home can be a very emotional and financially overwhelming time, but also very exciting! If you're like me, you may have a lot of questions about the process, the timeframe, and most of all you want to trust that you're doing things the right way and not being taken advantage of. I'm proud to have helped a number of first-time buyers and current homeowners move to their next chapter. I'll provide an outline of the process, price suggestions backed by market data, introductions to lenders/attorneys/home inspectors/other service providers, and I will serve as your project manager available for questions 24/7 from day one until your closing. As an added benefit I'll also provide a home warranty appliance protection plan, so that you can feel confident everything in your new home will be working just right. 

Through my experiences, I've put together a system to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals faster, easier, and strategically, that will provide the highest financial benefits surrounding your very important home sale or purchase. Introducing...

The Premier Client Service

Brand New Kitchen

The Premier Client Service

Premier Seller Clients will receive:

  • Real Estate Goals Consultation ($200 value)

  • Customized Market Report ($300 value)

  • Professional Home Cleaning ($400 value)

  • Home Staging Guidance ($400 value)

  • Photography, Videography, & 3D Tours ($400 value)

  • Premier Marketing Campaigns ($1,200 value)

  • Professional Open Houses & Private Showings

  • Offer/Contract Review & Recommendations

  • Introduction to Closing Attorneys

  • Smoke Alarm Replacement & Certification ($500 value)

  • Routine Progress Updates & Availability

  • Closing & Final Delivery of Proceeds

Premier Buyer Clients will receive:

  • Real Estate Goals Consultation ($200 value)

  • Customized Market Report ($300 value)

  • Introduction to Mortgage Lenders 

  • Advanced Home Search Technology ($320 value)

  • Coordinated Open House & Private Showings

  • Offer Price & Contingency Recommendations 

  • Introduction to Home Inspectors

  • Introduction to Closing Attorneys

  • Contract Review & Recommendations 

  • Routine Progress Updates & Availability

  • AHS Appliance Protection Plan ($775 value)

  • Closing & Final Recording

"Mack recently helped my wife and I navigate the first-time home buying experience with a newborn and we couldn't have been happier with the process...
I can't recommend him enough."

-Winston, Client

"Mack was a joy to work with - his responsiveness was so impressive and his care and honesty - so appreciated... We are so grateful for his help and highly recommend."

-Jean, Client

"We would highly recommend Mack, he is very dedicated to his clients making the process as easy as possible. He was available at any time for us to ask questions, and we appreciated all his support..."

-Dianne, Client

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When choosing an agent to work with, I believe there are 4 things to look for: Experience (does he or she have a track record of getting the job done?), Personality (do you feel comfortable with this person?), Work Ethic (is this person going to go above and beyond for my benefit?), and Business Savvy (can this person negotiate?).

Real estate agents are typically compensated based on a percentage of the home sale price. Most commonly the seller’s broker will have a listing agreement with the homeowner that will state the commission percentage, along with the amount of which will be split or shared with the cooperating buyer's agent. This serves to incentivize and attract more attention to the property, with the goal of bringing the highest and best opportunities to the table.

With this in mind, buyers themselves generally do not pay for the services from their real estate professional. And as such, for my buyer clients I simply ask that I serve as your exclusive realtor so that I can confidently dedicate my time to you. 

For seller clients, there are agents throughout the country who charge a fee of 7%. Here in Massachusetts, I've commonly seen brokers who charge 6%. The rate that I charge my seller clients is 5%. You may encounter other agents who are willing to charge a lower fee, but I would caution you that more than likely you will not receive the same care and service.


In my experience I have spent hundreds of hours on a particular deal, not to mention investing my own money to provide premium photography/videography, marketing campaigns, cleaning services, smoke alarm replacements, and more. I truly believe the difference between a great agent and just a good agent can be as much as $50,000 (if not more) on the sale of a $700,000 property. That's the feeling of selling your home for $725,000 instead of $675,000, a margin difference of over 7%. As your partner I will always advise what I believe is in your best interest, and I will fight to make sure you are always one step ahead.  


I look forward to the opportunity of serving you as a premier client. If you're ready to take the next step towards buying or selling a home, simply fill out the form below and let's schedule a time to discuss your goals!

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